7 Reasons Why Cats Love Boxes


Cats' love for boxes is instinctual. In the wild, small, enclosed spaces provide a sense of security and a place to observe potential prey or threats.


Boxes offer a safe haven for cats. The enclosed space makes them feel protected, reducing stress and anxiety. It's a cozy retreat where they can relax.


Boxes provide warmth. Cardboard, in particular, is an insulator, offering a comfortable and warm environment that cats are naturally drawn to for relaxation.

Hunting Instinct

Boxes trigger a cat's hunting instincts. They see the box as potential prey, and entering, pouncing, and exploring inside mimic their natural predatory behaviors.

Stress Relief

Boxes serve as stress relievers. When facing changes or feeling overwhelmed, cats retreat to boxes to find solace and cope with the stressors in their environment.

Territory Marking

Cats mark their territory through scent glands on their face. Rubbing against the sides of a box allows them to leave their scent, claiming it as their territory.


Boxes provide endless entertainment. From hiding and stalking to playful ambushes, boxes stimulate a cat's mind and keep them mentally engaged.

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