Top 7 Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs


Stiffness in your dog's movements is one of the earliest signs of arthritis. It can make simple actions like getting up or climbing stairs challenging for them.


Arthritic dogs may start limping, especially after physical activity. This symptom is a clear indicator that they're in discomfort and need attention.

Reduced Activity

A decrease in your dog's overall activity level can be a sign of arthritis. They may become less playful and more lethargic as the condition progresses.

Pain During Movement

If your dog shows signs of pain while walking, running, or jumping, it's a strong indication of arthritis. Watch for discomfort when they're on the move.


Arthritic joints can become swollen and warm to the touch. Keep an eye out for any unusual lumps or bumps on your dog's limbs.

Behavioral Changes

Arthritis can also affect your dog's behavior. They may become irritable, aggressive, or less sociable due to the discomfort they're experiencing.

Weight Gain

Reduced activity because of arthritis can lead to weight gain in dogs. Extra weight can exacerbate the condition, so it's important to monitor their weight.

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