Top 7 Solutions to Keep Cats Off Counters


Implement consistent training to teach your cat that counters are off-limits. Use positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques to encourage them to stay on designated surfaces.

Elevated Perches

Provide alternative elevated spaces for your cat to explore. Install cat trees or shelves near windows to satisfy their desire for height.

Double-Sided Tape

Use double-sided tape on the edges of counters. Cats dislike the sticky texture on their paws, deterring them from jumping onto surfaces.

Aluminum Foil

Place sheets of aluminum foil on counters. The crinkly texture and sound are unpleasant for cats, discouraging them from landing on the foil-covered surfaces.

Citrus Scents

Cats often dislike citrus scents. Use citrus-scented cleaners or place citrus peels on counters to create an environment that cats find unappealing.

Motion-Activated Deterrents

Invest in motion-activated deterrent devices. These devices emit a harmless burst of air or sound when triggered by your cat's movement. 

Consistent Reinforcement

Consistency is crucial in breaking the counter-hopping habit. Reinforce desired behavior by consistently applying the chosen methods.

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