Top 7 Signs Your Dog Is Upset With You


Dogs may act restless when upset. If your usually calm companion is pacing or can't settle down, it might be a sign of discontent.


An unresponsive dog can indicate displeasure. If your furry friend ignores commands or avoids eye contact, they might be upset with you.

Changes in Appetite

Dogs often express emotions through their appetite. A sudden change in eating habits, either excessive or reduced, can signal dissatisfaction.

Excessive Barking

Dogs communicate through barking, but excessive barking might be a sign of frustration. Pay attention to the pitch and duration.

Destructive Behavior

Chewing on furniture or other destructive behaviors can be a way for dogs to release frustration. Keep an eye out for sudden destructive tendencies.


If your dog avoids physical contact or retreats to a secluded place, they might be telling you they're not happy. Pay attention to their body language.


Aggressive behavior, like growling or snapping, is a clear indication of a dog's displeasure. Be cautious and observe their body language closely.

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