Top 7 Players of the Buffalo Bills

Jim Kelly's Resilience

Jim Kelly, the legendary quarterback, overcame a challenging childhood marked by poverty and loss, only to become a Hall of Famer

O.J. Simpson's

Before his controversial life post-retirement, O.J. Simpson was a star running back for the Bills

Thurman Thomas

Thurman Thomas, a crucial Bills player, once won the NFL Most Valuable Player award but is often overshadowed by other stars.

Bruce Smith's 

Did you know that Bruce Smith holds the NFL career record for quarterback sacks? He's a defensive genius!

Cornelius Bennett's

Cornelius Bennett excelled as both a linebacker and defensive end, making him a pivotal player in the Bills' success

Andre Reed's

It took far too long for the Hall of Fame to recognize Andre Reed's greatness, but he finally got his due

Steve Tasker's

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