FSU football and UCF’s 1st Big 12 win?

The First Ever Matchup

The first-ever encounter between FSU and UCF happened in 1996, with FSU emerging as the victor.

UCF's Unbeaten Streak

UCF once held a 25-game unbeaten streak, the longest in college football history.

The Shared Head Coach

Both teams, at different times, had Gene McDowell as their head coach, creating a unique coaching connection.

Iconic Mascots

FSU's Osceola and Renegade and UCF's Knightro are iconic mascots in college football.

Shared Alumni Success

Notable NFL players like Daunte Culpepper and Shaquem Griffin have represented both schools.

Record Attendance at Games

UCF set a record for the highest attendance at a home game in 2018, with 47,795 fans in the stands.

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