Draymond Green's Injury Update

Ankle Injury

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors' star, sustained an ankle injury in a pickup game. Despite earlier expectations, he missed the preseason.

Season Opener Absence

The latest update indicates that Green won't play in the season opener against the Phoenix Suns, as he's still working on his game shape.

Past Performance

Green's previous season was remarkable, with impressive stats. He secured a new multi-million-dollar deal with the Warriors.

Durant's Return

The game against the Suns marks Kevin Durant's first return to the Warriors' arena since his departure, a significant event for both fans and players.

History with Durant

A past altercation between Green and Durant led to Durant's exit from the Warriors. However, both have moved on and remain cordial.

Absence's Impact

Green's absence may affect the Warriors' defense against Durant, who is set to receive recognition from his former team.

Curry's Work Ethic

Draymond Green praises Steph Curry's dedication to the game and his goal to play into his 30s and possibly 40s.

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