Crispy Smashed Apples with Cinnamon Sugar Recipe


To create the perfect Crispy Smashed Apples with Cinnamon Sugar, you'll need apples, cinnamon sugar, butter, and a touch of lemon juice.

Recipe Step 1

Start by preheating your oven to the desired temperature. Then, wash and slice the apples.

Recipe Step 2

Place the apple slices on a baking sheet, drizzle with melted butter, and sprinkle with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar.

Recipe Step 3

Bake the apples in the preheated oven until they turn golden brown and crispy.

Recipe Step 4

Once the apples are out of the oven, drizzle them with a touch of lemon juice for a zesty twist.

Recipe Step 5

Gently smash the crispy apples to enhance their texture and flavor. It's a delightful process!

Recipe Final Step

Your Crispy Smashed Apples with Cinnamon Sugar are now ready to enjoy. They're the best you've ever tasted!

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