Best Chicken Club Wraps Recipe


Gather the essential ingredients for your Chicken Club Wraps, including chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and tortillas.


Begin by grilling the chicken breast to perfection and crisping up the bacon until it's deliciously crunchy.

Assemble the Wraps

Lay out the tortillas and start layering with lettuce, tomato slices, grilled chicken, and crispy bacon.

Add Condiments

Enhance the flavor by adding your favorite condiments like mayonnaise or a zesty sauce.

Roll It Up

Fold the sides of the tortilla over the filling, then roll it up tightly, creating a delectable wrap.

Slice and Serve

Slice the wrap in half to reveal the layers, and your Chicken Club Wraps are ready to serve.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Chicken Club Wraps are versatile and make for a satisfying lunch, dinner, or even a picnic treat.

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