Cacio e Pepe Pasta with Peas Recipe


Create a gourmet dish with pasta, Pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper, and fresh peas. Elevate your dining experience with these top-quality ingredients.

Recipe Step 1

Cook the pasta to al dente perfection, ensuring a firm yet tender texture. The choice of high-quality pasta is crucial for achieving the authentic taste of Cacio e Pepe.

Recipe Step 2 

Grate Pecorino Romano cheese and toss it into the pasta, creating a creamy and flavorful base. 

Recipe Step 3

Add a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper, providing a bold and aromatic kick to the dish. 

Recipe Step 4

Gently fold in fresh peas, enhancing the dish with a burst of sweetness and vibrant color.

Recipe Step 5

Toss the ingredients together, ensuring an even distribution of flavors. Serve your Cacio e Pepe Pasta with Peas immediately to savor the dish.

Culinary Triumph

Your Best Cacio e Pepe Pasta with Peas is now ready to delight your taste buds. Enjoy the harmonious blend of creamy cheese, bold pepper, and the freshness of peas in every forkful.

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