Black Bean-Avocado Torta Recipe


Gather the essential ingredients for your Black Bean-Avocado Torta. You'll need black beans, avocados, assorted veggies, and the perfect seasoning.


Prepare the ingredients by mashing the black beans and avocados, and chopping the fresh vegetables. Season for a flavor explosion.

Bean and Avocado Mix

Create a mouthwatering mix of black beans and avocados, a creamy and flavorful base for your torta.

Veggie Delight

Add a variety of fresh vegetables to your torta for a delightful crunch and a burst of color.


Assemble your Black Bean-Avocado Torta by spreading the bean-avocado mix on your choice of bread and layering with veggies.

Toasting Option

For an extra twist, you can choose to toast your torta to perfection, creating a warm, satisfying sandwich.


Feel free to customize your torta with extras like cheese, hot sauce, or your preferred condiments.

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