Best Sweet Potato Bread Pudding Recipe


To make the perfect Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Pecan Praline Sauce, you'll need sweet potatoes, bread, eggs, milk, sugar, pecans, and ingredients for the praline sauce.

Recipe Step 1

Start by preparing the sweet potatoes, either by baking or boiling, and then mashing them to create a smooth puree.

Recipe Step 2

In a mixing bowl, combine the sweet potato puree with bread, eggs, milk, and sugar to form the bread pudding mixture.

Recipe Step 3

Sprinkle chopped pecans into the mixture for added texture and flavor.

Recipe Step 4

Pour the bread pudding mixture into a baking dish and bake until it's golden and set.

Recipe Step 5

While the pudding is baking, prepare the luscious pecan praline sauce.

Recipe Final Step

Once the bread pudding is done, drizzle it with the pecan praline sauce and savor the best Sweet Potato Bread Pudding ever!

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