Best Mediterranean Wrap Recipe


Gather the freshest ingredients for your Mediterranean Wrap. You'll need lean protein, fresh veggies, olives, and a flavorful Mediterranean dressing.


Prepare the ingredients by cooking the protein, chopping the fresh veggies, and selecting the perfect wrap. This step sets the stage for a fresh and delightful meal.

Protein Perfection

Cook the protein to perfection, ensuring it's the star of your Mediterranean Wrap.

Assembling the Wrap

Assemble the wrap by placing the cooked protein, fresh veggies, olives, and a generous drizzle of Mediterranean dressing on the wrap.

Fold and Serve

Fold the wrap to keep all the delicious ingredients together and serve it up for a quick, healthy, and flavorful meal.


Feel free to customize your Mediterranean Wrap by adding your favorite Mediterranean ingredients, such as feta cheese or hummus.

Enjoy Your Creation

Savor your culinary creation and share it with friends and family. The combination of fresh ingredients and Mediterranean flavors will delight your taste buds.

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