Best Brown Sugar Glazed Apple Cake


To create this mouthwatering apple cake, gather fresh apples, brown sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, and ground cinnamon.

Recipe Step 1

Start by peeling, coring, and slicing the fresh apples. Toss them with brown sugar, allowing the sweet caramelization to begin.

Recipe Step 2

In a separate bowl, cream butter with eggs and vanilla extract. In another bowl, sift together all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, and a touch of ground cinnamon.

Recipe Step 3

Combine the wet and dry mixtures, creating a batter that's the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. Gently fold in the glazed apple slices.

Recipe Step 4

Transfer the batter into a prepared baking dish and bake until it's golden brown, filling your kitchen with a warm, inviting aroma.

Recipe Step 5

While the cake cools, prepare a luscious brown sugar glaze. Drizzle it over the cake, letting it seep into every crevice for an extra burst of sweetness.

Recipe Final Step

Slice the brown sugar glazed apple cake, and savor each bite of this delectable dessert that's perfect for any occasion.

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