Best Avocado Mousse Recipe


Avocados, condensed milk, vanilla extract, lime juice, and a pinch of salt. These simple ingredients come together to create the perfect Avocado Mousse.

Recipe Step 1

Scoop out the ripe avocados and blend them until smooth. The rich and buttery texture of avocados forms the base of our delectable Avocado Mousse.

Recipe Step 2

Incorporate condensed milk into the blended avocados. This adds the perfect level of sweetness, creating a harmonious balance with the natural flavors of the avocado.

Recipe Step 3

Enhance the Avocado Mousse with a splash of vanilla extract and a drizzle of fresh lime juice. These additions bring a delightful depth of flavor to your dessert.

Recipe Step 4

Blend the mixture until it reaches a silky and uniform consistency. The velvety smoothness is a testament to the quality of your Avocado Mousse.

Recipe Step 5

Transfer the blended mousse into serving glasses and refrigerate until it sets. The chilling process intensifies the flavors, ensuring a cool and refreshing indulgence.

Final Step

Before serving, garnish your Avocado Mousse with a slice of lime or a sprinkle of crushed pistachios. Revel in the creamy goodness and share this delightful treat with your loved ones.

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