7 Reasons Why Cats Lick Each Other


Cat licking serves as a powerful bonding ritual. It reinforces social connections within a group, promoting a sense of unity and familiarity.


Cats are meticulous groomers, and mutual grooming is a way for them to help each other maintain cleanliness.

Scent Marking

Licking transfers scents among cats, creating a shared scent profile within their group. This scent marking not only identifies members but also establishes a communal territory.

Hierarchy Establishment

Within a group of cats, licking plays a role in establishing and reinforcing hierarchy. The dominant cat may initiate grooming sessions as a way to assert their position.

Stress Reduction

Mutual grooming has stress-relieving benefits for cats. It releases endorphins, providing a calming effect. 

Temperature Regulation

Cats regulate body temperature through grooming. Licking helps distribute saliva on their fur, which, when evaporating, provides a cooling effect.

Social Harmony

Ultimately, cat licking is a manifestation of social harmony. It reinforces the bonds between feline companions, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious group dynamic.

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